Why Jerom?


A varied breakfast buffet


What could be more wonderful than rolling out of bed and then enjoying a delicious breakfast at ease?

And not just any kind of breakfast buffet, no. If you are staying with us for a few days then you do not want to eat the same things every day, true? That is what we thought. That is why we offer a variety of food on our buffet. In this way you can get up every morning and choose what you feel like today.

Take a moment to breath in deeply through your nose. Do you also smell the coffee?


Would you like to have breakfast without staying over? That’s an option too!

You can join us daily:

On weekdays: 6h30 & 10h

Saturdays: 7h30 – 10u30

Sundays: 11h00 – 13h00

Don’t forget to make your reservation in time: info@hoteljerom.com or +32 (0)3 304 82 10.




full of energy


We only choose top quality, especially pure, fresh and honest Belgian produce. On a regular basis you will also get a taste of our regional products. Thanks to this buffet system you can choose what you would like to eat in the morning.