Sustainability at Hotel Jerom

As you will read here, we think it is important to put sustainability first in everything we do.

We were delighted withour second Sustainable Family awards in the category “sustainable accommodation”.

Do you have any questions, remarks or suggestions on this? Feel free to contact us, we love to hear from you!

Sustainable enjoyment? But how?

We love to tell you: at Hotel Jerom we think it’s important to have our guests enjoying their stay, with care for the future.

The building
It all started with the construction of Hotel Jerom: solar panels and a heat pump were evident choices as wel as having quality furniture and materials when choosing the final interior. They last way longer, are eye-catching and more sustainable in use.

The rooms
Sustainability is key in the guest’s rooms too: we love to spoil our guests with crunched Belgian Quality linen from Verilin. Loads of water are saved in production and it sleeps heavenly! Win- win! Did you know we do our own laundry at Hotel Jerom? Folding and washing, day in and day out. Our dryer has a build-in heat pump to make our linen dry perfectly/faster and we don’t need any trucks passing by with clean & dirty linen at all.

Here we choose for the natural, eco luxury brand Likami: “Superfood for the skin” made with the most pure and raw natural ingredients. You won’t find any take away goodies in the bathroom, but refillables only (but we do sell them in our shop, don’t miss it when you’re staying over!)

Guests staying over for more than 1 night will have their rooms cleaned every 48 hrs (instead of 24 or on request). And ofcourse we clean with natural cleaning products only.

Sustainable food

Waste & Packages
Since we don’t like food waste you won’t find any plastic or small packages on our breakfast buffet. We prefer to offer a varied buffet with fresh and home made products only. By offering food on small plates and refill when empty, a superfresh breakfast experience is offered with a minimum of waste.

The best (honest) coffee
When you say breakfast, you say delicious coffee. Our coffee is delivered by Cuperus in Antwerp: for years, they buy their coffee directly from coffee farmers in Nicaragua. These farmers have a strong social policy and really take care for the coffee pickers. Besides an honest pay check, schools and medical care for their families are arranged which offers men and women the chance to work.

Cornstarch lunchboxes
Are you going for a hike and looking for good food to take with you? No problem! At Hotel Jerom we offer handy lunchboxes made from cornstarch, which you may fill yourself from the buffet. Are you staying a few nights? Go for a refill and off you go! (afterwards you take it home with you, sounds like a cool & practical souvenir, right? šŸ˜Š

During Fall & Winter you can take hot soup with you. Ideal to keep yourself warm during a good winter walk. The soup will be provided in a sustainable thermos bottle which you return afterwards.

Sustainability is respecting yourself and the future.
— Hotel Jerom —