Why Jerom?

To enjoy the
pleasant ambiance


One of the good things about Kalmthout, and about Hotel Jerom – is the location. You are surrounded by nature, but in the nick of time you are in the city for a city trip or a business meeting. Just a quarter of an hours walk and you are at the station from Heide and 22 minutes later you are getting off in Antwerp central station or Roosendaal.

The port of Antwerp is also close by.

Would you prefer to take the car? The following locations are close by Hotel Jerom:

  • 10 km from the port of Antwerp
  • 11 km from Essen
  • 20 km from Antwerpen
  • 20 km from Roosendaal, NL
  • 23 km from Bergen-Op-Zoom, NL
  • 44 km from Breda, NL

The busy city

What is nicer then combining the nice atmosphere of a busy city like Antwerp with the peaceful environment of Kalmthout?

Nothing? – That is also what we were thinking! Combine nature and a visit to Antwerp which is full of culture, architecture, fashion, gastronomy and shopping in one weekend. Discover everything that you would like to know about an unforgettable visit right here.

Discover it here!

Shopping in Breda

Breda is a busy little city, ideal for shopping – the best inner city in the Netherlands – that is also known for its historic monuments, museums and galleries.

A day away, Breda is also exceptionally close by.


A day in Roosendaal


Check the link here for train times and jump on a train that takes you to Roosendaal in a mere 20 minutes for a relaxing day out to shop and stroll in streets of this cozy place. No difficulties parking or standing in traffic jams!

Een dagje Roosendaal