Why Jerom?


Looking for a team activity?


Meetings and coaching don’t need to be boring anymore. The Moor Room in Hotel Jerom is not only beautifully decorated, above all it’s functional furnished and everything’s arranged to accommodate you and your team in peace and quiet.

“Moor” refers to the nature reserve at the other side of the road which is 6000 ha. large and almost obliges you to an invigorating walk in between.

Do you want to do something more than just walking? We’ve got you!

Bamboo building

Sebastiaan Winkeler works as a team building facilitator and group discussion leader at various organizations. For Hotel Jerom he developed a fun team building with bamboo (think: meter-high construction). You will work with the whole team to complete the challenge successfully. The team will find it’s pace during this 2 to 3 hour activity. Success guaranteed.

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Join the herd?

Do you want to do something very very unique with your team? Bert and Yuna, both passionate about sheep and nature and especially the combination of both, have experienced over the years how sheep can change the landscape in a positive way and make a major contribution to the biodiversity of an area. They will tell you all about the grazers of the heather. You might want to bring your camera for this unique experience! The shepherds and their herd are grazing the nature reserve from mid-April till the end of October.

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Rail Biking

An old, military railway line is now the décor for a unique and fun team experience. You hire a rail-bike and you and your colleagues will explore the area in a special way.

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