Why Jerom?

To enjoy the
peace and silence

Kalmthoutse Heide
Pure nature

Our pride, the Kalmthoutse Heide. A vast landscape of 6000 hectares which borders ‘Grenspark-Kalmthoutse Heide’ provides a unique experience for  nature lovers. In this nature reserve you shall see marshland, sand plains and pine forests. You can spend hours wandering around the Kalmthoutse Heide and you shall still discover new things. There are a lot of marked walking and cycling routes that you can take, but you can also follow your own intuition!

Every season the Kalmthoutse Heide seems to transform,  but the top season is half way through August to half way through September. The little flowers from the heather provide the Kalmthoutse Heide with a magical, purple carpet, a phenomenon that you must come and see for yourself.



Kids first?!

Would you like to go on a squirrels quest?

Go visit our neighbors from The Vroente“, and ask for one of the animal cases. The animal cases are a helpful guide for a fun-filled walk in the beautiful nature reserve ‘Kalmthoutse Heide’.

Every case provides active games, puzzles, booklets and pictures of 1 animal. You can go an a journey with the deer, rabbits, scarab beetles, dragonflies, frogs, lizards and rabbits. The cases are free of charge (deposit € 20) and will stimulate the kids to get out and have fun in the ‘Kalmthoutse Heide’!

Ideal for: groups & families with children between 3 and 8 years of age


Arboretum Kalmthout

Each day between 10AM and 5PM you can visit this beautiful park, a botanical paradise in Kalmthout since 1856!

Take a look on the website from Arboretum Kalmthout because there is a lot to see and experience here.


Arboretum Kalmthout

Walking with a guide


Would you like to combine nature, being active  and learning something? Then go on a guided tour.

Each guide from Kalmthout is a certified, walking encyclopedia. You can book a guided tour with Nareka or join in on a planned calendar walk.


Walking with a guide


Do you like your cycle? Bring your wheel, just as you will spend the night at the Hotel Jerom!

A bike shed is provided and there is a large variety of cycling routes in the hotel, including the “poortfietslussen”. This cycling loops or routes are starting from the entry point of the Grenspark/nature reserve Kalmthoutse Heide and show you the most beautiful places in the area and the surrounding border communities. They swing between nature and culture, of heath and woodland, villages and rural areas, alternation for the win! The cycling loops are aligned with each other to make a longer journey or visit possible. Along the route, cosy cafes and restaurants are situated, so you can take a break and enjoy all the goodies that the area has to offer.

Are you going for a day trip? great idea! Our employees can supply you with a healthy wrapped lunch for take away, so you’ll get the most out of your cycling trip. Maps of the cycling loops “poortfietslussen” are for sale at the reception.

discover routes

Runner’s heaven!

With 6000 hectares of nature reserve you can walk or run to your heart’s content! In nature reserve Kalmthoutse Heide you can choose from 24 signed hiking trails, ranging from 1.7 to 8.5 km.

By connecting several walks, you can plan a nice day trip or trail route. The routes are marked with icons in different colours, so you can easily follow the road without any maps. In some parts of this border park, the paths are also marked with numbers from the hiking junction network. Those who would like to go with a map, can buy it at the reception desk (€ 2) or take a running card with an overview of some routes from the lobby at Hotel Jerom. Off you go!

All trails are free accessible from sunrise to sunset.


Trails Kalmthoutse Heide

Heiperitif basket

Nature reserve Kalmthoutse Heide is just one cross road away from Hotel Jerom. Let’s find a nice spot to sit & relax with a Heiperitif basket! This beautiful basket is filled with fresh & home made delicacies and it’s sustainable too. To have as many people as possible experience how sustainability can be an enrichment to their lives. That the mission of Sustainable Family and it’s a nice match with Hotel Jerom’s vision: to enjoy quality, conviviality & experience in a pure and sustainable way…

Once you have found a nice spot and your picnic blanket is spread, you can start to unpack your basket. Everything is here: napkins, cutlery, glasses & jars filled with delicacies, water & even a softdrink of cucumber.

After your cosy Heiperitif, you’ll just drop off the basket at Hotel Jerom. De napkins & bio-cotton breadbags will be washed & we’ll do the dishes for you!

We do count on you for leaving your cosy spot (in nature or somewhere else) nice & clean and that you return the complete basket to Hotel Jerom. (same day till 20h00/ day after before 11h00 AM) We will take care of a thorough cleaning to make sure the basket can be safely & sustainable re-used after you.

To order your take away basket, click on the shop button on top of this page.

Or check out our new package stay “Heiperitief Limited” here on the website (“book now” button).

See you soon!

Take away basket