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We have a large space and you can decide for yourself what you do there. The Moor Room in Hotel Jerom is a flexible space that can be used for various activities. To organize a meeting with your managers/colleagues/team, in combination with a teambuilding event in the area? To provide Yoga retreats? To organize a business conference or a company event in Kalmthout? It is all possible! (max. capacity: 40 guests)

And of course it is possible that you or  your guests can book a room to stay for the night. In this way you can combine something useful and something pleasant and in this way you are certain that everyone is well rested and  on time.

Moor Room

The Moor Room is practically designed to create an optimal co-operation environment:

– reception by an employee
– technical support at the start-up of the
– beamer, sound system & pointer
– free wi-fi
– tables & chairs
– pen & paper
– flexible power supply
– digital flipchart (Smart Kapp) + classic flipchart
– pinboards
– cloakroom & free parking at the back for
– coffee, tea, water, soft drinks & snacks

The Moor Room can be set up flexibly so that you can work comfortably and productively. Ideal for lectures for up to 40 people, U-configuration up to 24 people & school configuration for up to 16 people. The corona maximum capacity is more limited: lecture 20P and U-setup 12P + lecturer (depending on government measures)

You can count on guidance in connecting to the beamer and starting the presentation. The drinks and snacks are neatly ready at the start and of course you can approach a team member if you have any questions or comments. The food is prepared with a lot of love: pure flavors and ingredients that give you energy while you just have to slide your feet under the table.

You choose which combination of room and services you want and team Jerom takes care of it. Know that quality, conviviality and experience are the most important and we love an open communication with a smile.


rent meeting room

– full day € 250
– half day (4h) € 205
– evening (from 7pm) € 175
– full day weekend € 200
– half day weekend (4h) € 160


– coffee
– tea
– water
– soft drinks
– snacks

€ 19,5 pp full day

€ 13.5 half day / evening


– soup & cold main course € 26
– soup & warm main course € 31
– warm lunch, 3 courses € 48
price PP / min. 6P / incl. Coffee, tea & water


Do you really want to work comfortably together?

Book an overnight stay during the meeting, brainstorming or coaching sessions. You check into one of our 21 beautiful rooms with priority and enjoy a good night’s sleep and fresh, home-made breakfast in the hotel. On the day of departure, luggage can be deposited at the reception.

Contact us for the room rates including breakfast at info@hoteljerom.com.

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