Why Jerom?

we take care
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When can I check-in and out?

Check-in: 15u00 – 20u00

Check-out: untill 11u00

Can I have an early check-in?

Sure! If you prefer an early check-in, this is possible on request from 13h00 (€35/room on request). Check-in before 13h00 is only possible with surcharge of an extra night.

Can I check in after closure of the reception at 20h00?

Ofcourse a late check-in is optional too in case you might arrive after 20h00. Contact us in time by e-mail or via the chat option from our reservations system and we’ll send you usefull information for your card safe. Attention, this is only possible after receipt of your payment of guarantee of your credit card.

As soon as you checked in and got the key card of your room, you have free access to the hotel and your room. This makes the return from your work, diner or party in the area going very smoothly.

I would love to check out later…

A late check-out until 13h00 can be requested too (35 euro/room). If you leave after 13h00, this will take an extra night’s charge.

What time can I have breakfast?

We provide a daily fresh breakfast with the best coffee & tea on weekdays from 6h30 till 10u15, in the weekend from 7u30 – 10u45.

Need to leave earlier? No problem, talk to our team or send us a chat or e-mail before 19h00 and we’ll arrange you a breakfast wrapped for take away!

What to expect from Hotel Jerom’s breakfast?

Since our re-opening in June ’20 we strictly meet to all measurements given by the Belgian government. The breakfast area got re-arranged and offers place to max. 16P instead of 32 before. This gives a safe and comfortable distance between the tables for you and for your team to provide you your delicious breakfast at the table.

Hotel Jerom is an eco-luxury hotel, which you’ll definitely taste and see at your breakfast table. No plastic or wrapped food but fresh food only!

Since we aim a fine and optimal breakfast experience for our guests, we started working with time blocks:

-during the week you can join breakfast from 6h30-7h30, 7h45-9 or from 9h15 till 10h15.

-in weekends breakfast will be served from 7h30-8h30, 8h30-9h30 or from 9h45 till 10h45.

Your breakfast is fresh and homemade and we will bring it to your table with love together with the best coffee & tea.

Vegan or vegetarian variations are possible as well as adjustments for those with allergies and intolerances. However, we would like to ask you to indicate this well in advance so we can arrange this for you. If we can not meet with your request, we count for your understanding, ofcourse we’ll do our very best to see what we can do for you.

I would like to have a packed lunch?

Great idea! Here, too, we go for fair and honest ecological offer: you get a bamboo bread box and a piece of fruit. (you can keep the bread box afterwards. Woohoo!) We’ll fill it up for you with fresh bread and spreads, attention: you might want to eat it right away! Price: € 13,00 pp.

Are you staying a few nights? Then you can have it refilled for € 9 pp, ideal right ?!

Can we have a drink at the hotel?

Absolutely! The Brave Bar can be found on the ground floor and is an honesty bar. You take something to drink as desired and note it down, you can leave the note in the letterbox. You can pay at check-out. Water is free and you can take it when the Brave Bar is open (until 8 p.m.), so be sure to bring a refillable bottle with you when you go cycling or walking. Would you like to sit down for a while, no problem. This is possible during opening hours from + -15h till 20h00.

How about the payment?

All our prices are for overnight stay including fresh homemade breakfast.

Any remarks or changes on your invoice can be made at the reception until the moment of the check-out. Afterwards, our system will no longer allow this, which makes it no longer possible.

Payments can be made with cash, bancontact, credit cards (Visa, Mastercard) or a gift voucher from Hotel Jerom. When booking a room online or at the reception, you agree with our terms and conditions and house rules.

I would like to surprise someone with a gift voucher, is this possible?

Certainly, plenty of choice! You can buy a gift voucher for an amount of your choice or specifically one for a breakfast basket, overnight stay with breakfast, Heiperitief basket (spring and summer), … If you live in the area, you can stop over between 9 am and 5 pm or you can just buy your surprise online via the ‘SHOP’ button above, pretty easy!

Did you know that we also have some other nice items? The first book “Het duurzame gezin” from the Sustainable Family, “Uitjes en nachtjes” by Ellen Mattheeussen, the most eco-luxury shampoo, body lotion & hand & body wash from Likami, bamboo toothbrushes, and soon there will be a small addition on these items …)

I would like to use the gift voucher I got from a loved one, can I?

Click on the button “SHOP” on top of this page, here you can order a breakfast or Heiperitief basket with your voucher as a payment method. If this doesn’t work out, please do contact us. We recently changed our voucher system, you can send your e-mail to desk@hoteljerom.com, we love to help you.

To book a stayover with our gift voucher, please contact us via desk@hoteljerom.com. You will receive a credit card request to guarantee your reservation. You can pay with your gift voucher on arrival. Should you cancel to late, this credit card will be charged.

Can we also book a non-residential breakfast?

Unfortunately, this is not an option at this moment. The rearrangement of the breakfast area in combination with half of the breakfast tables been taken away make it impossible to welcome non-residential guests for breakfast. It’s a shame but safety first!

Do you have a gift / breakfast voucher and would you like to use it?

Order your breakfast basket online via our webshop (SHOP button on top of this page) or by e-mail to desk@hoteljerom.com and enjoy our delicious breakfast at your place.

Can we organize a meeting, coaching, brainstorm weekend, yoga retreat or mini event at Hotel Jerom?

Sure! We think of a (meeting) room as a place of motivation and inspiration? A meeting or coaching can be joyfull too!

The Moor Room in Hotel Jerom is not only beautiful, above all it’s flexible furnished providing all to allow you to sit together in peace and quiet.

You can rent the Moor Room for a morning, afternoon, evening or a whole day and we love to think outside of the box with you. Ofcourse, we’ll take care of your lunch & fresh snacks too!

Concerning Covid-19: currently, the maximum room capacity is a bit lower, but this is going well, hand gel is provided and we ensure a safe distance in a well-ventilated space.

Contact us: info@hoteljerom.com or complete the contact form on our meeting room page (above).

What about accessibility in Hotel Jerom?

All floors can be reached by elevator and one room is provided for less mobile guests. Here, the bedroom and bathroom were made fully accessible and wheelchair proof. Extra handy handles are provided at the toilet and in the shower, which also has a stool.

This room has a standard double bed and is compliant to all accessibility prescriptions. There is a parking space for you in front of the main entrance of the hotel, so check-in will go smoothly too.

Would you like to explore nature reserve “Kalmthoutse Heide”? Please do! Contact “De Vroente” and book the Cadweazle, a special electric wheelchair, free of charge. During the weekdays it can be booked between 9:00 am and 4:30 pm. On weekends between 2:00 PM and 4:30 PM. (contact: +32 (0) 3 620 18 30 or devroente.gebied@vlaanderen.be )


All our prices are inclusive breakfast. Changes to or problems over the invoice can be dealt with up until the moment of the check-out.

The system does not allow us to do any more changes after check-out. Hotel Jerom accepts cash, credit cards & bancontact/mister cash.


There is an elevator which connect all rooms with the ground floor. There is one room for disabled guests where the bath- and bedroom is accessible for those using a wheelchair. There is a standard double bed (180 x 200 cm) and the room is up to standard regulations. An extra parking spot is provided for you to ensure a smoothly check-in at Hotel Jerom.

Want to explore the most beautiful nature reserve “Kalmthoutse Heide” on the other side of the road? Contact our neigbours from De Vroente and book the Cadweazle for free (this is a special electric wheelchair). Bookable during the week (from 9h00 – 16h30) and weekends (from 14h00 to 16h30. (contact: +32 (0)3 620 18 30 or devroente.omgeving@vlaanderen.be)

Is there Wi-fi?

After you get back from hiking or cycling you can surf for free.

Can an electric car be charged?

On the public parking of the Kalmthoutse Heide, adjacent to the parking of Hotel Jerom, (only 50 meters away) you can charge your electric car at 2 places at the designated charging points of Alfen and Blue Corner. 

You can reach this parking by car via the Heibloemlaan, when parked you can reach the hotel through the little gate which connects our parking with the barking from the nature reserve.

What about your bike?

You can safely park it under the covered bicycle shed at the back of the hotel. Sockets are provided to charge your e-bikes.

We would like to ask you not to load them longer than necessary, thanks in advance for your cooperation!

Can we walk or cycle in the area?

Absolutely! Hotel Jerom is located at the main entrance of nature reserve “Kalmthoutse Heide”, you just have to cross the street! At the reception you can buy a walking or cycling map with the famous cycling nodes in and around the Kalmthoutse Heide and the 4 main entrances to the reserve. We also offer some of our own favourite cycling tours.

We are located at the gate “De Vroente”, where you will also find the tourist information and the beekeeping museum.

Other must-sees can be found on this website.

Where can we have diner during our stay?

In the confirmation of your reservation you will find a link with a few nice restaurants in the area. Feel free to take a look in advance or book your table in time if you want to rest. In Hotel Jerom we do not offer lunch or dinner for our guests. (lunch is possible when using the Moor (meeting) Room)

Can I bring my pet?

We love animals but we decided not to allow them in the hotel.


We have a 100% no-smoking and candle policy. Smoking or lighting candles in the building or on the emergency stairwell are not accepted and a fine of 200 euro will be given. Please think about (y)our and everyone’s safety.

Can we share a room with our family or friends?

Hotel Jerom has 21 rooms, which are provided for a maximum of 2 persons, with the exception of the Jerom Single room and the Jerom Family rooms.

  • The Jerom Single room is a super nice room and the favorite one of many business guests, it is equipped for 1 person.
  • The Jerom Family room is equipped for a maximum of 2 adults and 2 children (+ – 5 to 12 years). The reason of this min. age is the height, the kids will sleep on a mezzanine on top of the bathroom, which makes it a bit more adventurous

A baby cot (€ 20 / night, 0-3 years) or even a single bed (€ 35 / night, 4-12 years) can be added in various rooms, but always on request and after confirmation from Team Jerom. We’ll arrange this with a lot of love for your children and breakfast is included in this price.

If more individuals are staying in a room (that have not been accounted for when booking the room), this shall bring an extra fee (min. € 60) to your bill.

Large(r) families can choose one of the following options:

-combination Jerom Single & Jerom Family room: these are located close to each other, which makes the 5 of you sleeping close together.
-combination 2x Jerom Cosy room: we close a large front door which makes it possible for you to leave your own room doors open.
-combination 1 Jerom Cosy room & 1 Jerom Standard room: here too we add a large front door. Optionally, a baby cot or 1 bed for a 5th family member can be added. (baby bed <3 years, single bed 4-12 years)

These connected rooms are ideal for friends for families who love to spend time together but love their privacy when sleeping.

What if your stay needs to be cancelled?

For individual bookings:

From now on you can only book flexible rates. As the name already indicates, you can cancel your stay free of charge untill 48u in advance. Eg: If you booked a stay and wish to cancel less than 48 hours before the date of arrival, the entire stay will be charged. So if you want to cancel your stay for tomorrow, you should have canceled before 3 pm yesterday. Even if you do not show up, this stay will be charged.

For group bookings (from 5 rooms) or Moor Room reservations, different cancellation conditions apply:

• 7 – 0 days before arrival: 100%.
• 21 – 8 days before arrival: 50%
• + 21 days before arrival: € 25


If it turns out that the Belgian or local government imposes additional measures on the hotel sector in general,  a domestic travel ban or region-specific restrictions that jeopardize your reservation, you can cancel free of charge during the duration of the measure and with agreement of Hotel Jerom. Hotel Jerom can (at any time) cancel the reservation free of charge in case of force majeure or unforeseen circumstances.

You can always request an up-to-date overview of the precautions we apply at Hotel Jerom to ensure a safe stay for our guests.

In the end …

Hotel Jerom cannot be held liable for theft, damage or loss of items that have occurred in the hotel or on our parking. You always remain responsible for your own belongings.

We look forward to welcome each and every one of you at Hotel Jerom. Team Jerom works day and night to make sure you enjoy your stay with us even with the current measures taken by the government to beat Covid-19.

Should you have a question or a comment, please do tell us. We are happy to help you, see you soon!